James from Tyngsboro

I joined XFitness in May of 2013 when my brother Joe convinced me that working out with him would be great for both of us. I can honestly say that the first two years were mainly a social event. That all changed in the winter of 2015 when I weight in at a shocking 227 pounds. I knew I wasn't eating healthy, and I knew I was seriously slacking in my workouts.
For a few months, I struggled to eat healthy and maintain a regular workout schedule. However, I was determined to make a positive change in my life and get my health back under control. Over the last six months, I have figured out a diet and workout plan that works for me, and the results are obvious. I've lost 50+ pounds, have more energy, and feel great!
The personal trainers and staff at XFitness have been very encouraging and insightful. Their knowledge and guidance has led me to a healthier way of living, and I plan to continue focusing on getting better every day.

August 2016

Jillian from Dracut

In June 2014, I decided to check out XFitness with some convincing from my fiancé. I was working out at another gym at the time and wasn't really happy there. I also had been diagnosed with colitis a year earlier and still having trouble finding a healthy balance with my nutrition. 
I walked into XFitness and was greeted by Dianna and her team, I tried out a one hour Synrgy session that night, and even though I knew I would struggle, I got hooked on Synrgy and haven't stopped since. I got the attention and advice I had been looking for that I wasn't getting at my previous gym. This is what made me want to continue my journey at XFitness.
Since then, I have a whole new outlook on nutrition and have learned so much from XFitness personal trainers Rich, Lisa, and Charlie. My fitness level is the best it's been in years, and I'm now overcoming obstacles I never thought I could. My training at XFitness led me to run my first five and a half mile mud run which is something I never thought I could do two years ago. 
I'm extremely grateful for the training and nutritional guidance that I have received at XFitness. I continue my journey everyday with Rich, Nikki, Lisa, and Charlie, in addition to the rest of the XF staff and members that I now consider my family. It's great people like them that make this gym is a success. Thank you XFitness. 

September 2016